Mathematics Teacher (Brooklyn, NY)

Teach mathematics courses to middle school students. Use own personal experience in mathematics research as an example to motivate and demonstrate to students what mathematical investigation looks like. Areas of instruction include mathematical concepts, techniques, motivating problems and applications. Prepare and deliver lectures. Initiate, facilitate, lead and moderate classroom discussions. Take student ideas and use them as jumping off points for demonstrating content. Plan, evaluate and revise curricula, course content and course materials. Prepare course materials such as syllabi, handouts, homework assignments, quizzes and examinations, using LATEX, MS Word, etc. Administer and assess homework, quizzes and examinations. Maintain student records, including attendance and student learning, using software such as Veracross, MS Excel, etc. and evaluate student growth and progress. Plan, develop and utilize a variety of instructional aids and materials appropriate to the intellectual and instructional level of students from a range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and with different levels of intellectual and emotional maturity. Keep abreast of theoretical developments, technological advances and pedagogical innovation in the mathematical field by means of current literature, peer discussions, and professional conferences. Collaborate with colleagues to address teaching issues and solve complex problems with wider mathematical interest. Offer opportunities for independent study and research to students and foster mathematical curiosity. Provide a motivating and stimulating learning environment. Design learning activities that will relate mathematics to the physical world. Schedule office hours or appointments to advise and assist students with their mathematical work. Write anecdotal reports evaluating the progress of each student twice a year; complete checklist reports on each student twice a year. Advise students on academic and vocational curricula and on career issues.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Mathematics; 2 years of experience as a Mathematics Teacher; 2 years of experience utilizing computer programs to test mathematical conjectures and create representations of mathematical phenomena; and fluency in written and spoken English.

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