Recreational Arts & Athletics: Course Offerings

A class for novice and veteran swimmers alike. Basic and advanced stroke and turn technique are covered, along with conditioning and aspects of water safety, although no lifeguard certificate is awarded. Note: This class will meet one double period per week.

The Department
Badminton is a course for all skill levels. Beginners learn the game by working on fundamental stroke technique; more advanced players polish their skills while improving game strategy. All students participate in exciting singles and doubles matches.

The Department
This class is for the novice and experienced ballplayer alike. Early on, drills and skill work are emphasized, with students receiving both group and individual instruction. As offensive and defensive skills improve, half court and full court games are offered at varying levels of competitiveness.

Students explore vertical and horizontal climbs on our apparatus room climbing wall, learning various climbing techniques—crossover, jump toe, etc.—and belaying techniques. There will be a day trip to an off-site climb.

Get outside. Ride a bike. See Brooklyn from a new vantage point. This full year class will emphasize safe cycling and group riding procedures. Students will learn basic bike maintenance in addition to building cardiovascular endurance. Students should already feel comfortable riding a bike. Bikes and helmets will be provided, and students may provide their own equipment. Note: All bikes must have hand brakes.

Exercise and Fitness
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This course explores wellness concepts and develops all aspects of health related fitness by using weight training and cardiovascular equipment. Additional fitness activities are dependent upon student interest and teacher expertise. Previous units have included fitness walks (using pedometers), circuit training, physioball activities, cooperative games and other sports.

Fencing 1
This class, covering the fundamentals of fencing, is open to beginners and those with a limited background in fencing. Students learn basic fencing movements and strategies.

Fencing 2
The class stresses conditioning, competitive bouts, and advanced techniques. Prerequisite(s): at least one year of fencing and permission of the instructor.

Flag Football
This course introduces the rules and fundamentals of flag football. Emphasis is placed on proper techniques of throwing, catching, offensive and defensive concepts, and team work. Students will work through skill drills and learn strategies for playing in game situations.

Floor Hockey
This is an enjoyable and exciting class for all skill levels. Students improve hand-eye coordination and knowledge of the game through drills and games. All hockey fans will enjoy this course.

Inward Bound Challenge Course 1
The Department
This course challenges body, mind and spirit through group games, conditioning, and individual and collective goals. Students set and attempt to reach these goals by working together and offering group support. The year ends with a three-day camping trip that includes climbing and a ropes course.

Inward Bound Challenge Course 2
This course continues in the same vein as Inward Bound I. Emphasis is on student leadership: leading the class and organizing activities. New activities stressing initiative are introduced, as are rope and belay techniques. Prerequisite(s): Inward Bound I

Karate 1
Students learn the basic punches, kicks and blocks of traditional karate, combining these techniques in the practice of forms and freestyle sparring. Some self defense applications are covered, although the primary emphasis of the course is on karate as a sport and martial art. A gi (karate uniform) is supplied by the school.

Karate 2
In this class we cover material for the color belt ranks, with increased emphasis on free fighting and street defense. Prerequisite(s): a minimum of one year’s training in the Saint Ann’s martial arts program.

Parkour Fitness
What is Parkour? Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movement to the environment. This class will incorporate both the technical aspects and the physical rigor of Parkour to create a challenging and adventurous workout. Perfect for students interested in gymnastics, dance, and athletics, this “boot-camp” style of exercise class will focus on upper body strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and agility. It will take place in the 10th floor apparatus room and gym, and at various outdoor locations depending on the weather.

Physioball Fitness
The Department
Using exercise balls of various sizes, this class teaches different exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve coordination, and develop strength. The emphasis is on core (abdominal and back) strengthening and conditioning.

Pilates Conditioning
The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed over ninety years ago by Joseph Pilates. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, enhances flexibility and balance, and unites body and mind.

The Department
A course to help people with little or no running experience; experienced runners are also welcome. Stretching and cooling down exercises are taught, along with techniques to improve form and increase speed. Weekly runs vary in distance and intensity. Running routes change from week to week.

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This course is a combination of skill development and scrimmaging that is open to all levels of ability. Smallsided games, both indoors and outdoors, are fun and competitive and also serve as an effective way to gauge progress.

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Within the context of games, students have the opportunity to learn new skills and share in the enjoyment of this popular sport. A course for the beginner as well as the experienced softball player.

Sports, Games ‘n’ Fitness
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If you enjoyed your MS “Gym Park” class than this class is for you. A variety of sports and physical activities will be offered. Based on the availability of indoor and outdoor facilities, you will play Capture the Flag, Dodge ball, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, whiffle ball, basketball, and
volleyball. Individual fitness activities may be offered in the fitness room.

Table Tennis
Table tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Join this class to speed up your hand-eye coordination and to learn how to play this enjoyable game.

This class teaches rhythmic tap technique, working with complex foot rhythms that lead to improvisation. The body attitude is grounded (closer to the ground), like African dance, as opposed to the lifted attitude of the Broadway tap style. Traditional and contemporary works are learned.

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate offers a fun, exciting alternative to traditional sports. Students incorporate throwing, catching and teamwork into a framework of speed and finesse.

The Department
This class incorporates both instruction and game playing, including the skills of serving, bumping, setting, spiking and, most important, teamwork.

Weight & Fitness Training
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This course introduces the student to the merits of weight and fitness training. Both free-weight and machine work are incorporated into each personally designed workout. Other areas to be explored include flexibility (through stretching) and the value of aerobic training.

This course introduces the ancient discipline of personal development that balances body, mind, and spirit. Students learn a series of physical postures and proper breathing as well as meditation and other practical methods for relaxation that promote health, alleviate stress, improve skeletal alignment, and increase muscular strength and flexibility.

Yoga 2
In this class we begin to explore more vigorous yoga sequences, breathing techniques and styles of meditation. Different styles of yoga will be introduced including Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa and Anusara. This course will be either a single or double period depending upon student schedules. Prerequisite(s): one year of Yoga or permission of the instructor.

Interscholastic Sports
The Department
The recreational arts requirement may be fulfilled through full-season participation as a player on a junior varsity or varsity team. Emphasis is placed on developing and fostering athletic standards of excellence through participation and competition. All team sports require a significant commitment to practice and game schedules. Saint Ann’s is a member of the Athletic Conference of Independent Schools (ACIS), and the girls’ teams also belong to the Athletic Association of Independent Schools (AAIS). Our baseball, cross country and track teams are members of the Private Schools Athletic Association (PSAA). The fencing team is a member of the Independent School Fencing League (ISFL). Teams include baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, gymnastics, soccer, softball, squash, track, and volleyball.