Divisions: Lower School

Julia is me and I am Julia
The universe is bigger than my brain. I love to think my brain is bigger, it is kind of bigger when I am thinking
– Julia, second grade


Our Lower School is home to 240 first through third graders. Their artwork and poetry cover every possible space, including staircases and sometimes even ceilings. Their songs and music float and thrum through the hallways. This six story building on the corner of Pierrepont Street and Cadman Plaza, is truly a reflection of its lively, idiosyncratic, brilliant inhabitants. Perhaps because the teachers are given so much autonomy to make classrooms their own sparkling harbors, places that reflect their interests and their passion, they are as excited to be here as the kids.  Each Lower School teacher chooses the topic on which they want to hang the study of academic skills. One classroom might become immersed in Shakespeare and Elizabethan England, another Renaissance Rome, another Cartography, the possibilities are mind boggling, as is the work the children do and the gigantic leaps they make. A love of school flows from our children, and why wouldn’t they hold dear a place that treasures their irreverence, and appreciates them for the smart, open, funny, energetic, loving, complete and complex human beings they are. This is the force that carries us and we feel fortunate indeed.

Gabe Howard
Head of the Lower School