For Parents: Tuition & Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Application Process
Admissions-related financial aid inquiries should be directed to the Admissions Office, who can be reached by phone at 718-522-1660 x313, and by email at Click here for information about financial aid.

For current students, annual financial aid applications for the following academic year are received and reviewed by the school each fall. Applications for aid are accepted beginning in October. The application process is described below and the deadline by which all applications must be completed and submitted is December 1. Mindy Schefen, the school’s Director of Finance/CFO (718-522-1660 x215,, is available to talk to or meet with current families about financial aid at any time. All families making a first time application for aid need to contact Mindy Schefen.

The School’s aid process is need-based, and all applications for aid are treated in the strictest confidence. To qualify for aid, your child must be either a student who was admitted as an aid applicant or have attended Saint Ann’s for three years. Aid may also be available should a family’s financial circumstances change substantially during the first three years of their child’s attendance. Aid awards are valid for one year only. All families receiving financial aid are required to re-apply annually.

There are four required stages for all financial aid applications. First, please click this link and fill in the form and fill in the form. If you are a first time applicant or reapplying on behalf of a student currently receiving aid, your initial submission will then be complete.

Second, each family needs to complete a Financial Aid Application form provided by School and Student Services (the SSS form). You can find the form in the parents section of the National Association of Independent Schools’ website ( This website begins accepting applications for the following academic year on November 1. The school has access to all SSS forms completed by families electronically. If you have questions concerning your use of the website or if you cannot access the website and wish to provide a written SSS application, please contact Erika Cruz in the Finance Office at or 718-522-1660 x216.

Third, any supporting data requested by the SSS website should be provided by December 1. The SSS website now stipulates that your complete 1040 and any supporting documents should be uploaded directly to the website.

Fourth, once the SSS form has been electronically submitted and the appropriate IRS data uploaded, parents should call Erika Cruz at 718-522-1660 x216 to confirm that all the necessary documents have been received. In January, families will need to upload a copy of the W-2 or 1099 forms received from employers to the SSS website. Aid awards are conditional on receiving this information. The School notifies families of all grant awards in February.

Please click here to access a publication which may help you understand the financial aid process at independent schools. It is not intended as a guide to the specific process at Saint Ann’s School.