International Studies: Mission & Overview

International Education Mission Statement
Dedicated to fostering the joy of learning, the International Education Office offers our high school students the opportunity to participate in off-campus international and domestic programs geared to enhance their intellectual and artistic pursuits while expanding their cultural horizons. A complementary key feature of the program is the global awareness systematically nurtured among our students by their direct interaction with students and educators who routinely visit us from around the world.

Committed to broadening and deepening its educational impact, Saint Ann’s School has been working since 2005 to procure and sustain learning opportunities for our students beyond our own classrooms and art studios. During this period, scores of Saint Ann’s high school students have benefitted from programs designed to meet their personal, intellectual, and cultural interests.

In partnership with several schools worldwide, we provide options ranging from study abroad and student-exchange programs to summer programs that support academic and artistic advancement, cultural immersion, and community service work. We take great pride in our ability to provide for our students tailored opportunities that reflect their specific interests.