International Studies: Programs

Student-Exchange Programs

Often allowing for group interchanges, most of our exchange programs are done on an individual basis and can take place within the academic year or during school vacation periods. From a full academic term in China to a month in New Zealand, Argentina, Germany, (soon in France), our students are able to choose their destination according to their traveling purposes.

Academic Month Program
Living with a host school family, visiting students become full participants in the academic and social life of the receiving school for a period of one month.

Academic Full-Term Program
At the discretion of the head of the high school, arrangements can be made for interested students to join in off-campus programs unavailable at Saint Ann’s. Favored by several of our students, The Mountain School Program combines an interdisciplinary curriculum with a living and working environment in a farm setting in Vershire, Vermont.

Students learning Chinese have a chance for total language and cultural immersion and interaction studying in Shanghai at the Fudan International School during the spring term of their sophomore year.


Non-Saint Ann’s Summer Options

In recent summers, our students have participated in projects offered by the following organizations –all of which, unless otherwise specified, run a wide range of programs focusing on Cultural Immersion, Language learning, Community Service, and Leadership skills-building programs.

ASA Study Abroad
CEI / 4 vents  (Primarily language; based in France)
CIT Programs
Concordia Language Villages
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange
Cross Cultural Solutions
Don Quijote
EduKick  (Soccer programs – based in Spain)
Experiment in International Living
Global Routes
Global Works
Intern Exchange International
International Doorways
Nacel Open Door
National Geographic Student Expeditions
Oxbridge Academic Programs
Projects Abroad
Putney Student Travel
Rassias Language Programs
Rustic Pathways
Rustic Volunteer
SYA Summer
UCPA (Sports program based in France)
US Performing Arts Camps
Visions Service Adventures
Where There Be Dragons
World Horizons International