Students Awarded Second Place in NYC Code-a-thon

At this autumn’s Agile Youth Challenge code-a-thon—a programming competition for students in grades 6-12, at any NYC or area school, with any level of programming experience—on December 6th in midtown Manhattan, our student team worked magnificently at collaborating and coding. The team of three 8th grade students were awarded second place out of about 20+ middle and high school teams from all over the city. Their project—which they designed, coded in Java, tested, and had judged in one busy day—is “History Helper,” which helps students study. It is easy-to-use software that allows a person to build a history timeline by clicking at various points on a line, and it offers a “test me” button that scrambles the events and asks the user to put them back into correct order. The team’s public “project description” page is available at: