Annual Harry Potter Sleepover in the Library

More than 50 fifth-graders filled the library on Friday, March 11, for a night of magic and mysticism: the annual Harry Potter Sleepover. The evening began with a welcome from Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (who bore a shocking resemblance Saint Ann’s Head of School Vince Tompkins). After that, students were sorted into houses, attended potions class, had their fortunes told, and slept—a little. During the evening, luminaries from the wizarding world stopped in to visit; they included the healer Madame Pomfrey (a not-so-distant relative of school nurse Pumpkin Wentzel) and Dolores Umbridge (Barbara Everdell’s extremely mean sister-in-law, we hear). The event, attended by students in the fifth-grade library elective, could not have happened without the assistance of magical faculty, including the prescient Jane Avrich, the explosive Liz Velikonja, and the cat-loving Sarah Mente, as well as student volunteers who acted as fortune tellers, prefects, lab assistants, Malfoys, and more.

Photos courtesy Rita Skeeter, who learned everything she knows from development witch Leah Allen.