Annual Harry Potter Evening

With an enchanted ceiling, a human-sized delivery owl soaring through the stacks, and classes ranging from potions to divination, the Annie Bosworth Library turned magical on the night of Friday, May 5. It was the library’s annual Harry Potter Evening, in which the librarians—joined by members from many segments of the Saint Ann’s community—welcome fifth graders enrolled in the library elective into a library transformed. Head of School Vince Tompkins, channeling Professor Albus Dumbledore, gave the opening remarks, and revealed some of 129 Pierrepont’s supernatural secrets. High School students, many of whom had fond memories of their own experiences with the event, became prefects, fortune tellers, potions assistants, and aides to the magical healer—who bore a striking resemblance to Nurse Pumpkin. Even a magically-inclined parent got involved, providing a shockingly skilled demonstration of wizardry. It was over too soon!