50th Anniversary


50th Anniversary Celebration


Thank you to the multitude of faculty and former faculty, parents and grandparents, alumni and parents of alumni, students and children for celebrating a half century of Saint Ann’s with us on October 3, 2015! It was an incredibly joyous event from beginning to end.

50th Anniversary Film
Secular Saints by Patti Greaney, Liz Garbus, Alexandra Shiva and Richard Numeroff ’76

50th Anniversary Event Footage
Click here to view video footage.
Click here to browse the Nelson Hancock’s event photobooth photos.

Films Displayed at the 50th Celebration
A Lion Amongst Us by Bob Giraldi
Interview with Victor Marchioro (2007)
The Way We Were by Deborah Dobski (2008)
The Wizard of Oz by Tamar Glatman Zaretsky ’08 (Student Film)
Something About Mary, Something About Saint Ann’s by Deborah Dobski (2008)
The Bosworth Building Dedication (2007)
10th Anniversary Film by Eric Cornwell ’75
Breathing Under Water: A Deep Sea Adventure (2012-13 Preschool Class)
Kindergarten Films:
Animal Stories
Crazy Cupcakes
Puppy School

First Families Event

On Saturday October 18, 2014, we hosted the First Families of Saint Ann’s—the students, families and faculty that were part of the community between 1965–1970. Over 140 people came to listen to a panel discussion which included Robin Maxwell ’76, Robert Cox ’75, Marty Rubin and Jim Halverson—moderated by Coco vanMeerendonk. Later old friends and colleagues told stories and reminisced over dinner in the Bosworth Building.