Mission, Purpose and Objectives

Mission Statement
We believe education is a rich, subtle exploration and questioning of the world, not a means to an end. Since 1965 Saint Ann’s School has brought together gifted children and passionate teachers in a fierce pursuit of knowledge, skill, and artistry. We cultivate a joy for learning through a deep and rigorous curriculum, in which the arts are an essential presence. So that every child will flourish, we eschew grades, rankings, and prizes in favor of ongoing dialogue and teacher reports. At Saint Ann’s we offer our dreams to those who will share theirs with us.

Statement of Purpose and Objectives
A Saint Ann’s education imparts the best of human traditions and discoveries while nurturing intellectual adventure. Our students are given great freedom — certainly to achieve, also to trust themselves and to find deep satisfaction in learning for its own sake. In anecdotal reports, the classroom, at sports events, or on stage, we hold central the celebration of our students.

Teachers at Saint Ann’s are chosen for their strong intellectual and artistic interests and their commitment to the education of our children. Faculty are given the opportunity to communicate their enthusiasm, to use whatever they find practical in an effort to draw out the most authentic and exceptional work from their students. Our teachers’ leadership in the classroom and out arises from their intellect, accomplishment, and profound sense of humanity.

Our curriculum is a realm of possibilities where we meet our students. It is a substantive and dynamic means to engage every child. It is flexible and responsive, so that whenever feasible, our students undertake accelerated or specialized work in subject areas ranging from music to calculus to Chinese, based upon talents and interests rather than age or grade.

We are a genuine community, operating seven days a week, constantly reinvented as our members move from role to role, sustained by a commitment to each other and to the ongoing symposium that is our school. The growth and success of Saint Ann’s owe much to the faithfulness with which we adhere to our educational philosophy: that education is, in the last analysis, a celebration of life and that life is wondrous, ephemeral, and for those reasons, sacred.