Preschool: FAQ

What is your age cutoff?
Children must be three by September 1st. We do not think of children with summer birthdays as too young to apply.

Can I sign up for a preschool tour?
Due to the high volume of applications and the small size of the preschool program, we are not able to take all applicants on a tour of the preschool. Parent tours will be scheduled along with playgroups as part two of the process.

Is there a parent essay required?
There is no formal parent essay required. Parents can feel free to use the space provided on the online application to share information about their child.

What is the next point of entry after the threes?
Kindergarten is the next entry point. At that point the number of students doubles in size.

Can I apply to the fours?
We do not accept new applications to the fours. Families taken through steps one and two of the preschool threes process the previous year are eligible to reactivate their applications for the fours. All other applicants may reactivate their applications for the Kindergarten.