[dept.portrait as posterized] Staff 2009-10: Liz, Mike , Anna, Meghan.
[dept.portrait as tetris] Staff 2008-9: Liz, Mike , Anna, Meghan.
[dept.portrait all same height] Staff 2007-8: Mike , Tavet, David, Liz, Peter, Max.
[dept.portrait in front of steamroller] Staff 2006-7: Liz, David, Mike , Peter, Max.

Staff 2004-5: Christopher , Mike , Peter, David, Liz.

Chandra and Paul's class artwork. Leif and Daniel's class artwork.

Animating with the Computer class website . | Desktop 2 class animates poems by Marty's third graders.

Special Links for Programming 4, 2004-5: booklet with sample questions starting on page 39; Java 1.4.2 "API" ; AP exam "API" and Marine Bio Case Study Documents .
Java Tools (free): BlueJ (editor & runner w/ object diagrams), Jedit (text editor w/ macros), Eclipse (huge IDE (integratd dev env)).

[dept.portrait] Staff 2002-2004: Christopher, Mike , Peter, Eddie, Liz.

[dept.portrait] Staff 2001-2002: Peter, Ami, Dan, Mike , Christopher.

[dept.portrait] Staff 2000-2001: Accra , Peter, Ami, Mike , Christopher.

samples from Middle School Computing 2, 1999-2000

[dept.portrait] Staff 1999-2000: Douglas, Mike , Peter, Accra , Christopher.

[dept.portrait] Staff 1998-99: Douglas, Noah, Peter, Mike , Glen.

[dept.portrait] Staff 1997-98: Anna, Mike , Noah, Douglas, Stefani.

[dept.portrait] Staff 1995-96: Anna, Shiao-Chuan, Stan, Mike .

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