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What does a spiritual space look like?
Beginning architecture students were asked to design a non-denominational building that – because of its interior space, composition, light, site location, etc. – would inspire a sense of spirituality. The project was posed as a question : “What does a spiritual space look like to you?”. Click here to view the Spirit Spaces by the 2008 High School Architecture Class.

Painting Exhibition
High School Painting Intensive
September 2005 – December 2007

From the Book
Photography from the High School 2004

Painting Studio Panoramic Tour
High School Painting
Angelo Bellfatto & Andy Keating Classes

Tara and the Eight Great Fears
Stop-motion cut-paper animation

Undercroft Gallery Exhibition, Winter 2002
High School Painting
Angelo Bellfatto’s Painting Class

Virtual Gallery Exhibition
Senior Self-Portraits
Angelo Bellfatto’s Painting Class