Student Support Services: Academic Support

Learning Specialists
Academic support at Saint Ann’s is offered to individual students and small groups who would benefit from direct instruction of study skills, organization and time management, and strategies to further promote and enhance reading, writing and math skills. The learning specialists work closely with the division heads, deans, and faculty to promote teaching and learning strategies that would benefit a range of learning styles within the classroom.

The Teaching and Learning Center (the “TLC”) is located in Room 104 of the Bosworth Building, right next to the Ritchey Art Room. The TLC is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:15pm. All middle and high school students are welcome to drop in during their free periods, including lunch. They can also stop in before classes begin to print out homework or get needed class supplies. Learning specialists staff the TLC and are there to support students with anything they need that is related to school work. They are happy to help with studying for tests, writing papers, understanding reading assignments, organizing materials, and managing time, among other things.

Sarah Drake, MSed
High School Learning Specialist and
Testing Accommodations Coordinator | 718-522-1660 Ext. 338
Townhouses, Room 204

Savannah Roberts, MEd
Kindergarten and Lower School Learning Specialist | 718-522-1660 Ext. 481
Farber Building, Reading Room 1st floor

Christine Spadaro, MA
Middle School Learning Specialist | 718-522-1660 Ext. 459
Bosworth Building, Room 505

Perry Taylor, MSc
Middle and High School Learning Specialist | 718-522-1660 Ext. 337
Townhouses, Room 205