Student Support Services: School Psychologists

The psychologists work closely with the division heads, faculty, learning specialists, health educators, and nurses to identify and address potential hindrances to students’ social and academic development, and emotional wellbeing. We are resources for students and parents, and work to facilitate communication and collaboration between school and home. We also act as liaisons to outside mental health providers to coordinate classroom accommodations and medication management. During the school day we are available for consultation, problem solving and crisis management. Through our work we seek to enhance the school’s capacity to fulfill our mission of honoring the individuality of each student.

Liz Bernbach, PhD
School Psychologist and Coordinator of Student Support Services
718-522-1660 x336 or 718-522-0137
Bosworth Building, 7th floor

Kari Gray, PhD
High School Psychologist
718-522-1660 x267

Virtue Sankoh, PhD
Preschool, Kindergarten and Lower School Psychologist
718-522-1660 x337
Rubin Building, 124 Pierrepont Street, 2nd Floor