How does financial aid work? Is there financial aid available for field trips, music lessons and other non-tuition expenses?

Please visit the finance office pages of the school’s website for full information on our financial aid policies and processes.

Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of financial need, and is distributed as equitably as possible based on an analysis of each family’s income, assets, and other relevant financial criteria.  Applications for financial aid are evaluated annually by the School, and aid awards are reviewed and approved by the Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Parents applying for admission to Saint Ann’s can find information on the financial aid application process by visiting the Admissions page of the School’s website and clicking on the Financial Aid link.  They should direct questions about financial aid policies to the Director of Admission, Diana Lomask (

Families already enrolled in the School but applying for aid for the first time must inform the Finance Office of their intention to apply for aid as soon as possible; their financial aid applications are due by December 1st.  In order to be considered for aid, the student must have attended Saint Ann’s for three years before making an aid request. Aid may also be available should a family’s financial circumstances change substantially during the first three years of their child’s attendance.

Families already receiving aid must also apply annually by December 1st.

Families receiving financial aid may be eligible to receive non-tuition aid to support the student’s participation in school activities that further their educational experience.  Non-tuition aid is based on demonstrated need and availability of funding.  Requests for non-tuition aid should be directed to Erika Cruz in the Finance Office at or at extension 216.  

Note that any financial aid awarded for non-tuition purposes is likely considered taxable income to the family by the IRS.  A tax accountant can determine the family’s tax obligation and reporting requirements.