What’s your policy on cell phones?

After careful deliberation, we have instituted a “no phones” policy in the middle school (4th through 8th grade)—this means no phones in the lobby dining room, no phones during study halls, no phones on campus at any time. If devices are brought to school they must turned OFF and stowed in backpacks, lockers, or a middle school division office for the duration of the school day. We ask that parents help support this initiative to unplug students by not texting or calling them during the school day. Division offices are ready and willing to track down students to deliver messages; students can use landlines in division offices to contact their parents when necessary. Middle school students unable to respect this policy will lose their devices for the school day or longer if they continue to have trouble with it.

High school students are expected to use cell phones and similar technology in a manner that is respectful as members of a community that values personal conversation and connection. This means that phones should never be used during a class, rehearsal, performance, practice or game. High school students using their phones in one of these contexts may have the device taken away by faculty or administrators.

Our full policy on cell phones and similar technology is outlined in our Student Handbook, which is distributed to middle and high school students and parents annually and is available at any time as a PDF through the Parent Portal.