What’s your policy on cell phones?

We are a community that values in-person connection and conversation, and our policies for the use of cell phones and similar personal electronic devices reflect our commitment to being unplugged and present with one another while at school or engaged in school activities. Before ninth grade, students are not permitted to use cell phones in school. Cell phones, smartwatches, and similar personal electronic devices may be taken away by faculty or administrators if a student in any division is using one inappropriately or disrespectfully. Thus, 9th–12th grade students may use their cell phones in designated areas (the third floor of the Bosworth Building and below, and in the High School Annex of the library.) If a high school student must use their phone when on another floor or in another building, they should step into a division office, department office, or similar, so as to do their part in keeping our corridors and common spaces device-free. High School students using their phones outside of designated spaces will be asked to put it away by a faculty/staff member or administrator, and are expected to meet that request with equanimity and understanding. We ask parents and guardians to support our efforts to limit the use of personal electronic devices at school by refraining from contacting your child on their personal device while they are at school.

Our full policy on cell phones and similar technology is outlined in our Student and Family Handbook, which is available as a PDF through the Parent Portal.