Getting to and from school: Is there a bus? Can my child get a metrocard? What if my child is running late?

There is no school bus service at Saint Ann’s. Students get to school in whatever way makes the most sense for each family.

Some students are eligible for student metrocards or transit passes. These are distributed through the divisional offices, but please note that eligibility for such passes (and the type of pass) is determined by the Department of Education of the city of New York, not by Saint Ann’s.

In every division of the school we ask that families try to get students to school on time so they can have the best possible start to the day. Coming late can have a ripple effect on the rest of a child’s day. In the transition from the Lower School to the Middle School punctuality becomes even more crucial as students move to a fully departmentalized schedule. In fourth grade, far-flung first period classes begin at 8:35am, directly following homeroom.

The MTA, traffic and errant phone alarms sometimes stymie our best efforts at timeliness. Phone calls, emails or notes to division offices in these instances are always appreciated. Middle school students who are late should report to the appropriate division office upon arrival before going to class.