What does equity work look like in practice at Saint Ann’s? What is Community Meeting? Does Saint Ann’s have affinity spaces?

In our younger divisions, equity work has focused on curricular review and  establishing a framework for creating anti-racist classrooms and teaching equity-related skills and concepts across Preschool, Kindergarten and Lower School. In the middle and high schools, in addition to ongoing curricular review across departments, students in all grades have both structured and unstructured opportunities to talk and learn about topics related to equity and inclusion. These are facilitated by teachers as well as by division offices in collaboration with the Diversity and Institutional Equity office, and include Lower Middle School diversity workshops, Upper Middle School community meeting, Upper Middle School affinity spaces, High School Friday meeting, High School race-based affinity spaces, and student-initiated, student-run groups like High School Black Student Union or Upper Middle School and High School Women in STEM.

You’ll find more details about what equity work looks like on the ground under “In Practice” on the Diversity and Institutional Equity section of our website.