How will meals happen? What about food allergies? Is the school nut-free?

Preschool and kindergarten students bring their own lunches to school each day. In lower school (beginning in first grade), lunch is provided by the school and is included in the school’s fees. In middle school (beginning in fourth grade) and high school, students have the option to purchase food in the dining room and charge it to their student account by typing in their last name. There is a set daily fee for middle school students; high school students pay by the item. High school students are also allowed to leave school to purchase food from local restaurants any time they have a free period. Eighth grade students in good standing may also go “out” for lunch.

We try to accommodate any special dietary needs and, while we don’t claim a “nut-free” environment, we avoid serving nuts and peanut butter in school lunches. Contact for help or more information.