Program Information


The After School Program at Saint Ann’s offers a variety of educational and recreational activities for students in grades K-6. In the lower school group, students enjoy story time, crafts, chess, gymnastics, and games. The ongoing projects in the middle school group, open to students in third through sixth grade, include computing, arts and crafts, chess, gymnastics, and games during the 2:35-4:30 session. From 4:45-5:30, middle schoolers have a supervised study period.



After School programs take place in The Farber Building, 153 Pierrepont Street, and The Bosworth Building, 129 Pierrepont Street.  These facilities include a rooftop playground, gyms, art rooms, classrooms, and libraries.



Our teachers seek both to inspire and support your children in their endeavors. As well as being educators, they are actors, writers, and artists, bringing with them a love of their craft and a desire to share it.

Roberta Nelson has been the Director of the After School Program since 1991. Ellie Raab and Asia Linn Bukszpan coordinate the Middle and Lower School After School programs. Roberta and many of the other After School teachers work with your children during the day. This provides a carryover from the regular school day and a sense of community among the After Schoolers and the staff.



The aim of this program is to help students get ready for an evening with their families.

It is crucial that your child is picked up promptly at 5:30. We offer a grace period until 6:00, after which you will be charged $2.00 for each additional minute that your child and our staff must wait.



To accommodate different parent and student schedules, we offer two options for payment: by the semester and by the day.


Lower School
(3:00-5:30 each full school day from
September 4 – January 17, 2014)

1. Half Year Fee: $1,500 per semester, payable with registration.
2. Daily Fee: $35 per day, billed monthly as used.


Middle School
(Special Classes 2:35-4:30 and Study

Sessions 4:30-5:30 each full school day from September 3 – January 17, 2014)

1. Half Year Fee: $1,500 per semester for both special classes and study sessions, payable with registration.
2. Daily Fees: $35 per day, billed monthly as used.


Registration information for second semester (January 21 – June 9, 2014) will be available before winter vacation.