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A Celebration of Stanley A. Bosworth

Saint Ann’s School Founding Headmaster, 1965-2004

Church of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity
Brooklyn, New York
October 15, 2011


Jason Asbury, Faculty

“Gloria” from Twelfth MassW.A. Mozart

Saint Ann’s Festival Chorus & Instrumental Ensemble

Vincent Tompkins, Head of School

Mary Watson ’78, Board of Trustees

Robert S. Rubin, Former Member of the Board of Trustees

Tom Dunne, Former Head of the Middle School

Beth Bosworth ’75, Faculty

Jane Charles-Voltaire ’03

“Correspondances”C. Baudelaire

Sarah Trouslard ’96

“Dance of the Blessed Spirits”Christoph Willibald Gluck

from Orfeoarr. Abram Chasins

Erika Nickrenz ’81, piano

Adam Bosworth ’72

Steevie Chinitz, Former Faculty

Zac Posen ’99

Original Song

Albert Stewart ’78

Michael Bosworth ’03

Thomas Beller ’83

Marty Skoble, Faculty

Akiva Goldsman ’79

“Take the A Train”Duke Ellington

Alex Levin Trio

James Busby, Former Faculty

Nancy Fales Garrett, Faculty

“Ariel’s Song”

The TempestStudent, Class of 2015