High School Play: The Bacchae

The Bacchae

Artwork by Margot D.

Come see the high school play!

February 24–27 at 7:00pm in the theater

The Bacchae
By Euripides
Translated by William Arrowsmith
Directed by Laura Barnett and Mark Greenfield

For Tickets
reservations@saintannsny.org or 718.522-1660 x708

Written around 405 BCE, The Bacchae recounts the story of the Greek God Dionysus, son of Zeus, the god of life force and sensuality, revelry and theater, in whose honor all Greek tragedies were performed. Dionysus, disguised as a mortal, arrives in the city of Thebes, transforming the city’s women into ecstatic Bacchants, and exacting vengeance on those who deny his revels. Considering that what might have been “traditional” 2419 years ago is radical today, the play is set in ancient times and features colorful masks, live drumming, a Greek chorus, and a cast of 26 HS students.