Family Guide


Welcome to the Saint Ann’s Family Guide! At left (or above on mobile), in addition to useful links to other sections of our website you’ll find some sections labeled “Family Guide.” We encourage you to look through the Family Guide pages for information on our educational philosophy, notes on how it may play out in your experience as a parent/guardian and answers to many frequently asked questions.

How to Use this Guide
Think of this page as your home base on the Saint Ann’s website. In the Family Guide pages, you’ll find links to additional materials on the site that we hope provide context and answer many common questions you may have, whether you’re new to Saint Ann’s or you’ve been part of the community for years. We hope the Family Guide pages also allow you to glimpse the arc of a Saint Ann’s education, so that families of children in our younger grades can get some sense of what’s coming around the bend.

The first part of the guide focuses on what makes us us. These are our universal truths, those elements of Saint Ann’s philosophy and structure that you’ll encounter no matter where your child joins us along the way. They are essential to understanding our approach to education and how the school envisions our relationship with you as parents/guardians.

In the section on division offices and communicating with the school about your child you’ll find both practical information and an overview of what changes and what remains the same as students move from one division of the school to another.

Finally, we dig into some nuts and bolts of the student experience by answering frequently asked questions that we hear from parents/guardians both new and old throughout the school. That section begins with some basic who/what/where questions and progresses through more details about what “the Saint Ann’s way” might mean in various contexts.

While it is always the case that we respond to individual kids with individual solutions, we hope that the Family Guide pages give you as much general information as possible to help you navigate through the wonderful world of Saint Ann’s!