Diversity and Institutional Equity at Saint Ann’s

In this part of the site you will find several sections that elucidate what forging a more equitable school means at Saint Ann’s.

The Vision section contains an archive of statements from our Head of School that articulate how our mission is entwined with diversity and equity. These documents lay out a vision for the school we want to be vis-à-vis historically-bound sociopolitical inequities in our society.

Other sections, as their titles indicate, provide more concrete information regarding the history of these efforts and our approach, some of the philosophical underpinnings of our work, relevant demographic data, and some examples of recent initiatives, programming, and policy changes.

Using the menus above you can also explore other sections of our website, such as “About,” where you’ll find our Mission Statement and our Statement of Purpose and Objectives, and the homepage for Admissions and our Financial Aid policies.

Yuval Ortiz-Quiroga
Director of Diversity and Institutional Equity