Welcome to Saint Ann’s School

We are an independent, non-sectarian day school offering instruction to students in preschool through 12th grade. This website offers multiple windows into our history, philosophy, admissions process, curriculum, and courses, as well as news and general information of interest to parents, alumni, and others. Through each of these windows you will glimpse the joy and vibrancy that has animated education at Saint Ann’s since its founding in 1965, and that one finds today in our classrooms, rehearsal spaces, gymnasiums, studios, laboratories, and lobbies.

Over the past 50 years, Saint Ann’s has embraced a commitment to education for its own sake, oriented to the capacities of each individual student, free of the encumbrances of formal grading. At the same time, we are unabashedly committed to excellence in all that we do. The lives of our graduates, their achievements as dancers and doctors, poets and physicists, musicians and mathematicians, speak powerfully to the potential of an education based on these principles to ignite a passion for learning and to sustain creative energy in every field of endeavor. We accomplish this by offering talented students instruction shaped by creative and dedicated faculty, forming a true community of learners from pre-Kindergarten through high school.

We invite you to sample on this site the ingredients we offer to students with insatiable appetites for learning and creating. Welcome!