Celebrating the Year of the Dog

This past Chinese New Year was assuredly one of the most festive Saint Ann’s has ever seen. Students’ attempts at calligraphy papered the walls of the brownstones, whilst the first floor quickly became a flurry of activity in the days before the big event. We drew dogs, learnt fan dances and taped together record-breakingly long loops of paper chains. All construction issues were taken in stride–the Parish Hall, our large semi-cafeteria and newly regulated party space was quickly bursting with red and gold. When we finally arrived to the party on Friday morning of February 9th, the space had been completely transformed. Go matches were played, ribbon dances taught, and embarrassingly large quantities of Chinese candies and crackers eaten. From seventh to twelfth grade, the Chinese New Year party is an event eagerly awaited, and for good reason.

Xin nian kuai le! Happy year of the dog!

–Meike L.