Will you give my child a computer? What role will technology play in my child’s education?

At Saint Ann’s, instructional technology follows and directly supports the pedagogy of our teachers. The diverse range of disciplines, subjects, teaching styles, projects and classroom activities offered by our faculty is reflected in our use of technology. The design and deployment of technology favors innovative, adaptable, unobtrusive and robust solutions suited to the wide spectrum of individual faculty and student needs.

We avoid platforms and technologies that distract or detract from the beauty and integrity of a true learning experience, and look beyond the horizon to identify the skills, tools and lessons our students will need to be successful and safe in their interactions with technology both inside and outside the school environment.

We are not a “laptop school” and we do not provide each student with a computer. Faculty are not required to post student homework or course syllabi online. Students in grades 4-12 are issued Saint Ann’s Google accounts that enable them to use school resources, such as Chromebooks. There are workstations available to students for completing and printing school work in the division offices and throughout campus.

If a student does not have access to a computer or other technology at home that they need in order to complete school work, parents are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the relevant Grade Dean or Division Head who will help find a solution.

Complete information on our educational technology resources and use policies is available in our Student Handbook through the Parent Portal.