Nurse’s Office Protocols

Our nursing offices will remain open at all times during the school day and will treat common ailments in accordance with normal school procedure. If a student, staff or faculty member has a routine medical issue other than fever and/or other COVID-19 symptoms–such as a scrape, cut, sprained ankle, migraine, etc.–the school will modify our normal procedures so that the Nurse is informed in advance before any student arrives in order to advise on the safest course of action.

After each individual visits a nurse’s office, the Nurse will disinfect all surfaces touched by the individual, properly dispose of disinfectant wipes and protective gear using appropriate trash bins, wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, and, if appropriate, put on a new set of protective personal equipment, including mask, goggles, gloves and gown.

If there is a suspected case of COVID-19, the school’s nursing staff will work with local health officials in order to determine next steps. There is one isolation room available in each of the Bosworth, Farber, Kindergarten and Preschool buildings where any individual exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms can be assessed. In coordination with the school, New York City contact tracers will notify those who have been in contact with anyone who tests positive. All medical information related to COVID-19 exposure in community members will be kept confidential to the extent that it is possible as required by law.

The school nurses will complete a daily report of all office visits and submit the report to the Associate Head of School.

If a student exhibits fever and/or other COVID-19 symptoms while at school:

  • The teacher will inform the nurses’ office and keep all students in their seats, asking the student with fever or other symptoms to proceed directly to the nurses’ office.
  • Nurses will don PPE (gown, N95, face shield, gloves) and assess the child in the isolation room to determine if they suspect COVID-19. Every fever will be treated as possible COVID-19.
  • The child will remain isolated until picked up by their parent or guardian.


All individuals in the same classroom or in close proximity to the sick individual must stay in place in that classroom until the Nurse is able to make a full risk assessment and determine that the student is not suspected to have COVID-19.

  • If the individual who exhibits fever and/or other COVID-19 symptoms while at school is the classroom teacher or other staff member:
  • That person must contact the division office and ask for classroom coverage if necessary. If they are in a classroom, the teacher will move close to the window and establish maximum distance from students.
  • The Nurse will wear a clean set of protective personal equipment, including mask, goggles, gloves and gown for each individual she assesses and treats.
  • The Nurse will complete an assessment on the individual to determine if the individual is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.


All individuals in the same classroom or in close proximity to the sick employee must stay in place until the Nurse is able to make a full risk assessment and determine that the employee is not suspected to have COVID-19.

The Nurse may only receive one individual at a time in a given isolation room; all employees must know the location of all isolation rooms. If more than one individual needs to be seen by the nurse for a fever and/or other COVID-19 symptoms, the individuals will be kept separate from each other and the rest of the individuals in the building.

If the Nurse does suspect that an individual may have COVID-19, they will:

  • Review the individual’s medical alerts in Veracross;
  • Call the 777 to notify the Head of School or Associate Head of School’s office;
  • Notify the NYC Department of Health to follow outlined protocols;
  • Attempt to trace all possible contacts within the school and inform those individuals to remain in place.


If the individual is a student, the appropriate division office will notify the student’s parents (or designated emergency contact person) immediately.
Parents may be instructed to pick up their child from school and to consult with their physician on next steps.

Those in the classroom or otherwise in close contact throughout the day for more than 10 minutes with the suspected COVID-19 positive person will be quarantined pending the test results of the person with a suspected case.

If the nurse does not suspect that an individual has COVID-19 they will:

  • Review the student’s medical alerts in Veracross.
  • Notify the division office.
  • Determine whether the individual needs to be sent home or back to class.
  • Allow classmates and those that were in close contact with the sick individual to be released from the classroom or area that they are being held and permitted to move about the school.

Students who are sent home and then test positive may not return to Saint Ann’s until the criteria below, as outlined by the CDC, have been met.

Criteria to Discontinue Home Isolation After Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19
Persons with COVID-19 who have symptoms and were directed to care for themselves at home may discontinue isolation under the following conditions: