Health: Curriculum

Health education is comprehensive in scope and covers a range of topics in a developmentally sensitive manner. In addition to the classroom experience, students may come to the health education center, which is open daily, to meet with the health teachers, or to make use of a variety of resources that are available to them.

Health begins with regular workshops in fifth grade. These look at growing up, personal body safety, and emotional health. In sixth grade, classes meet weekly and cover puberty, technology, and addressing social and emotional challenges. Seventh grade health focuses on identity, social pressure, stress management, and physical and emotional wellness. Eighth grade begins with an in-depth look at sexuality, consent, and healthy relationships, before addressing substances and technology. Eighth graders also meet monthly with our high school mentors.

In high school, students meet for one semester in ninth through eleventh grade. These classes are interdisciplinary in focus and weave in voices from around our school community in order to closely address issues of technology, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, eating disorders, substance use, and developing life skills. Twelfth graders attend workshops that cover the transition away from Saint Ann’s and the emergence of early adulthood.

Juniors and seniors are also invited to participate in our high school mentoring program where they work regularly with our 8th graders and lead conversations on everything from their memories of middle school to navigating social situations and friendships and dealing with social media.