Seminars: Curriculum

Our seminars are love affairs. At the core of this program is the central Saint Ann’s value of learning for learning’s sake, and the commitment that students and faculty bring to these fully elective endeavors is a testament to the joy that such collaborations can bring. Seminars are held at odd hours, often at the end of the regular school day, because the busy schedules of the instructors and the students allow no other time. These courses are intensive 1.5-hour periods in which students undertake enormous amounts of study and/or creative work in fields that they might not otherwise encounter. These unique offerings are presented by teachers outside of the domain of their departments and in addition to their regular teaching load (and generally without additional pay).

Recent offerings have included: Fly Fishing, Poetry Writing Workshop, The Portrait of a Lady, Toy Design, The Art of Debate and Rhetoric, Philosophical Problems, Kite Making, The Financial Environment, Space Colonies, Internship at the Preschool, Fire Works, High School Literary Magazine, American Dissent, Bible Shenanigans, and New Narratives.