Kindergarten & Lower School

Here you will find information about the Kindergarten and Lower School application process. You can download all of the Lower School application forms, find answers to frequently asked questions, and view a timeline of the Lower School application process.


Kindergarten some quick facts

  • Our Kindergarten is located at 124 Henry Street, about two blocks from our main building.
  • In addition to the children rising from our own preschool, we admit around 30 children into the kindergarten bringing total enrollment to 60.
  • To apply to the kindergarten, a child must turn 5 by September 1 of the entry year.
  • There are 3 classrooms with 20 students and 2 full-time teachers (a head teacher and an associate teacher). Kindergarten students participate in 7 different specialty subjects mostly in half groups; thus, at these times, the student to teacher ratio in the home-classroom is 5:1.
  • To learn more about our kindergarten program click here.

Lower School – some quick facts

  • Our Lower School (grades 1-3) is located in the Farber Building at 153 Pierrepont Street, one block from our main building.
  • We admit around 20 children into the first grade bringing the total first grade enrollment to 80. Openings after first grade occur only by attrition.
  • To apply to the first grade, a child must turn 6 by September 1 of the entry year.
  • There are 4 classrooms per grade in grades 1-3. As in kindergarten, there is a master teacher and an associate teacher in each classroom. By third grade the children are participating in as many as 11 different specialty subjects in half groups. This, in turn, means there is even more opportunity for small group work when only half the class is in the home-classroom and the ratio of students to teachers is reduced to 5:1.
  • To learn more about our Lower School program click here.


Kindergarten/1st Grade Application Process


  • Tours of the Saint Ann’s Lower School run from October through December. You may schedule a tour at any point during the process by visiting our online tour registration page; please note these tours tend to fill up quickly. A tour is not a mandatory piece of the admission process.
  • Due to extremely limited space on tours, we ask that only families interested in applying to K or 1st grade during the current admissions cycle sign up for tours. If you’re interested in another grade or in looking ahead to a future admissions year, please contact us about our tour waitlist. 
  • Tours are for parents only.
  • All Lower School tours begin in our Kindergarten facility, located at 124 Henry Street between Clark and Pierrepont Streets, which is a different location than our Lower School building.


  • The application deadline for Kindergarten is Friday, September 27, 2019. The deadline for 1st grade is Tuesday, October 15, 2019.
  • Important note for Kindergarten applicants: If, at any point prior to the application deadline, the number of applicants exceeds the number of interview hours that we have available, we will have to stop accepting applications. In the event of an early closure, applications will be added to a wait pool up until the original deadline.
  • If you applied for Kindergarten the previous year and would like to roll over your application for 1st grade, please contact our office by October 15th. We also require an updated ISAAGNY Evaluation Form (available here) emailed to us at by your child’s current teacher no later than January 6th.
  • There is a non-refundable fee of $150.00 for new applications. If your child has previously applied to Saint Ann’s for Kindergarten, there is no new fee to apply the following year for 1st grade.
  • If possible, please upload small, recent photograph of your child with your application.


  • After we have received your application, we will call to arrange an interview, which may take up to a month after the application submission. The interview takes about 45 minutes and consists of a series of activities and questions that often proves enjoyable for four- and five-year- olds.
  • There is no formal parent interview and both parents are not required to be present. We do provide parents with feedback and a chance to ask questions after the child’s interview, but again, this is not a parent interview.

Supplementary Materials

  • Give the ISAAGNY Evaluation Form (available here) to your child’s current teacher. The teacher does not have to return it to us until he or she has had sufficient time to get to know your child. However, we must receive it by January 6, 2020. The form should be emailed to us at Please ask your child’s teacher not to send a hard copy if possible. If your child has attended more than one school, we will gladly accept evaluation forms from the other schools as well.

Kindergarten and 1st grade decisions will be emailed on Friday, February 7th.

2nd/3rd Grade Application Process

Admission to the 2nd and 3rd grades is possible only if there is attrition. At this point we do not anticipate having any openings in these grades for 2020–2021. However, if you would like to submit an application and some basic information about your child, we will process the materials and contact you if an opening seems likely and we’d like to schedule an interview. All forms should be emailed to us at 

  • The application deadline is December 1, 2019. There is no fee to apply. There is a non-refundable fee of $150 only if we’re able to offer your child an interview.
  • Give the “Lower School Teacher Evaluation” (available here) to your child’s current teacher. The teacher does not have to return it to us until he or she has had sufficient time to get to know your child. If your child has attended more than one school, we will gladly accept evaluation forms from other schools as well.
  • Give the “Records Release Form” (available here) to your child’s current school so that they can send us your child’s most recent transcripts/school reports.
  • We will accept results from any of the following tests: ISEE, ERB (if your child is in a school that gives the ERB every year) or New York State tests (if your child is in a public school). If your child has not taken any of these tests and Saint Ann’s is the only private school to which you’re applying, you may hold off on having your child tested if you wish. We will contact you should a space arise and we need you to proceed with some form of testing.