Here you will find information about the Preschool application process. You can access the online application, find answers to frequently asked questions, and view a timeline of the Preschool application process.

Some quick facts:

  • Saint Ann’s Preschool is located at 26 Willow Place between Joralemon and State Streets, a few blocks from our main building.
  • Our Preschool is divided into a threes program and a fours program. In total, our preschool numbers about 60 children.
  • Both programs are full day (9am-3pm), five day a week programs.
  • There are two classrooms for three year olds and two classrooms for four year olds. Each classroom has two full time teachers and the children work in half groups with a number of specialty teachers throughout their week.
  • Our birthday cutoff for the preschool is September 1st.
  • To learn more about our Preschool program please click here.

Application Process for 2023-2024

Application to the Threes

Our preschool threes process will run in two phases:

Phase 1: We will be accepting online applications from any interested families up through November 1, 2023. Once you submit your online application in our Admissions Portal, you will see a Student Information Questionnaire and Parent Questionnaire appear. Both questionnaires are also due by November 1, 2023. Our committee will then review all applications, determine approximately how many openings we will have for new families, and how many children we will be able to meet overall. 

Phase 2: Because of the large number of applications we receive relative to the small number of seats in our preschool program, we will not be able to offer a playgroup and parent/guardian tour to every family who has submitted an application. We will be contacting all our applicant families in December to let them know whether or not we will be able to bring them through the next stage of the process. 


Application to the Fours

Because we expand by only a few seats in the fours program each year, we generally limit consideration to candidates who came through the threes process in the prior cycle. We are, however, happy to accept and hold applications from other interested families; we would turn to these applications in the event that if we have extra openings. The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023. 


All final preschool decisions will be emailed to families on Thursday, February 29, 2024.