High School: FAQ

Is an Open House required?
Attending an Open House is required in order to submit an application. Students who decide to apply will then be invited to come for a morning and visit classes in session and tour the school’s physical space. We will reach out about scheduling these small group visits after we receive a completed online application.

How do I schedule my child for an interview?
We will call parents to schedule their child’s interview. This can take up to a month from the date the application was submitted.

Are the interview and tour on the same date?
Generally, we are not able to make that happen. We are happy to try to work with you to make this process as convenient for everyone as possible–we know it’s a busy time of year!

Is there a parent interview?
There is no parent interview.

What additional materials are required?
We require the ISEE/SSAT, a recent transcript sent directly from the school (preferably from both 7th grade and first semester of 8th grade), a writing sample, two teacher recommendations (Math and English) and an ISAAGNY Counselor Recommendation (only if applicable). These are the only requirements, however we’re more than happy to read and review any additional materials (extra writing samples, movies, recordings of music, art portfolios, etc.) you wish to send. All materials should be emailed to us at admissions.materials@saintannsny.org.

Does the writing sample need to be graded?
No, the writing sample can be something written for school or on the student’s own time. It can be creative writing or an essay; if a student does wish to send poetry, we also ask that they send in a piece of prose.

If my child has an art portfolio, when is the best time to bring it?
The interview is the best time to bring along an art portfolio.