Divisions: High School

In the Saint Ann’s High School, we love carrots. Sticks, not so much. Here are some of the delicious carrots we dig up and dangle before our students: a course schedule shaped by what intrigues you, what matters to you, what moves you; endless opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression; and a community of fellow scholars and artists eager to respond, provoke, and inspire.

These same carrots nourish the creations and careers of our accomplished faculty. They follow their curiosity, pursue their passions—they conjure beauty and quality and precision for their students and for each other. Their authority exists in their ability to engage.

And what of sticks? We don’t believe that learning can thrive in fear of measurement, in struggle for competition, in efforts to conform. We give no grades, no rankings, no prizes. Instead, we offer the freedom to take risks, to make and learn from mistakes, with guidance, support, and detailed narrative reports along the way. We expect accountability, civic-mindedness, and your best work. We promise intellectual and artistic growth; the push toward mastery of discipline and craft; and lots and lots of fun.

(A meal with many different foods placed on a large table so that people can serve themselves)

Multiple metaphors have been deployed to describe our high school program—a kaleidoscope, a circus, a smorgasbord—figurative attempts to mark the variety, the vitality, the “feast your eyes on this”-ness of the space shared by our students and faculty. We offer 216 separate high school courses, more than seventy in the arts alone. Twenty-two science classes. Six foreign languages. Twenty-three after-school seminars. Nine sports teams. Here’s the catalog—please, dig right in.

Like Brooklyn’s most celebrated poet, Walt Whitman, we at Saint Ann’s “contain multitudes.” Each of us does, our school does, and you do, too. We believe that discovering and expressing those personal, idiosyncratic multitudes is vital: not just to a meaningful and exciting high school education, but also to a joyful, constructive, well-lived life. We aspire to nothing less.

Alex Darrow
Head of the High School