Middle School: Overview

When asked to describe what they like about Saint Ann’s, Upper Middle Schoolers cite student independence, faculty/student relationships, the arts, and the challenging curriculum among the things they treasure most. Our Middle School is full of these wonders, and much more. Most importantly, it is brimming with children who love to learn, dare to question, and revel in knowing there is always more to know.

Lower Middle School – Fourth and Fifth Grades
Fourth graders are our youngest middle schoolers, and each September they bravely, happily, eagerly begin their journey through the Saint Ann’s Middle School. Festooned with backpacks and individual class schedules attached thereto, our painters and writers and mathematicians continue their “subtle exploration and questioning of the world” which began in their earlier years at Saint Ann’s. This first year in “the big building” introduces an important change to their days: students travel from teacher to teacher and classroom to classroom for all of their subjects. Theirs is an exciting entry into our departmentalized academic and arts curriculum; the beginning of a nine year journey that we hope will bring them thrills, surprises, and much joy.

Upper Middle School – Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades
By the time our middle schoolers begin sixth grade, they are well on their way to making the Bosworth Building their playground, their canvas, their own. Already used to our requirement that each student take Art, Music, and Theater at least once each week, our “middle” Middle Schoolers are often the first to push past these minimums as they explore a rich and vibrant curriculum that gives academics and the arts equal billing.

Seventh and eighth graders quickly grow into their roles of the “elder statesmen” of the Middle School, and over these two years students gradually accept increasing responsibility and choices. Teachers challenge, engage, and delight students with creative and sophisticated curricula as our budding scholars, artists, and musicians test and stretch limits on their journey through their final years of Middle School.

At each Middle School level division offices serve as the hub of student, teacher, and parent interaction. Over and above tending to the necessary administrivia, Division Heads, Grade Deans and office assistants provide students with information, guidance, and just the right amount of TLC. Knowing their students as well as they do informs all of our work as they help our happy adventures make their way through their days and months with increasing independence and agency.