Annie Bosworth Library: About

Statement of Purpose

The Annie Bosworth Library at Saint Ann’s School endeavors to promote critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies, intellectual curiosity, and a love of reading and literature for all students, faculty and staff. In meeting these goals the library will:

  • Support and enhance the academic and creative arts curriculum.
  • Maintain a collection (print, electronic and audiovisual material) that attempts to stimulate the intellect and imagination of every patron.
  • Provide an inviting, supportive and functional environment.
  • Provide bibliographic instruction to every individual within the school community, during both scheduled classes and impromptu moments.
  • Impart our passion for books.


About the Library

The Annie Bosworth Library at Saint Ann’s School serves approximately 720 students in grades 4 through 12, as well as over 200 faculty and staff. The collection includes approximately 25,000 books, videos, and other materials, and subscriptions to dozens of periodicals and electronic databases. Information about the Lower School Library (serving Kindergarten through 3rd grade) is available at: Lower School Library.

Within the Annie Bosworth Library, there is a Juvenile Section for books geared towards the younger members of our community. However, all students are permitted to check out any material. Librarians are available to discuss the choice with the students.


Using the Library

The Annie Bosworth Library operates with an open door policy. High school students and faculty are free to use the library at any time during the day. Middle school students are free to use the library during lunch and study periods. Children through 5th grade need to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver if using the library after school.


Book Donations

Many of the library’s materials have been donated by members of the Saint Ann’s community, and we welcome small gifts and donations. The librarians reserve the right to determine whether donated material will be added to the collection in the library or sold in our book sale. The librarians are happy to acknowledge the receipt of donations on school library stationery for tax purposes. However, the librarians will not attempt to place a monetary value on donations.