At Saint Ann’s, instructional technology follows and directly supports the pedagogy of our teachers. The diverse range of disciplines, subjects, teaching styles, projects and classroom activities offered by our faculty is reflected in their needs for technology; the design and deployment of technology in the learning environment at Saint Ann’s therefore favors innovative, adaptable, unobtrusive and robust solutions suited to the wide spectrum of faculty needs.

The opportunities for unique applications of instructional technology as required/desired by faculty are copious, and custom-tailored to suit their pedagogical vision. We also avoid platforms and technologies that distract or detract from the beauty and integrity of a true learning experience, and look beyond the horizon to identify the skills, tools and lessons our students will need to be successful and safe in their interactions with technology both inside and outside the school environment.

We discretely deploy the best technological solution to address the needs of each faculty member, theatrical production, science experiment or community project. These solutions are as diverse and inspiring as the faculty and students that demand them.