Standardized Testing: Accommodations

If a student currently receives accommodations at Saint Ann’s due to a formally diagnosed and documented learning difference, s/he is eligible to apply for testing accommodations. There are two separate application processes; one for tests administered by College Board, and one for tests administered by ACT. Thus, having been approved for the latter does not mean that you are guaranteed approval on the former and vice versa.

**Please note, when applying for testing accommodations through these organizations, there is no guarantee that your child’s application will be automatically approved. The College Board and the ACT have, of late, become much more stringent in their interpretation of the severity of impact of a learning disability or other health impairment on a child’s academic performance.

Initial Steps
When first applying for testing accommodations, families must contact Sarah Drake, Testing Accommodations Coordinator, to meet to discuss a plan for applying for accommodations.

Registering After Approved Accommodations are in Place:

For College Board Tests, indicate upon registering that accommodations have already been approved.

For “special testing” accommodations with ACT, follow these steps:

1. Log into the account you have created at
2. Select “Special Testing” and answer “Yes” to “Do you want to use accommodations?”
3. Select the date, and enter your payment information.
Your child will then receive an email stating that the payment has been received.  For students with “Special Testing”, this email should be forwarded to Sarah Richards so that she may order the test.