Divisions: Middle School

Welcome to the Upper Middle School Office. We’re Melissa Kantor and Jason Asbury.  Between us, we’ve been teaching at Saint Ann’s for nearly 50 years.  Melissa is an English teacher and writer.  Jason is a musician and choral conductor.  Yuri Velez & Liann Herder work with us in the Middle School office. Katie Haddock, the Assistant Head of the Upper Middle School, and Gretta Reed, the Upper Middle School Assistant, also work with us to help support the seventh and eighth graders who comprise the Upper Middle School. Over the next two years we will strive to provide students with increasing responsibility and choices, and we look forward to working with you and your children as they tentatively, boldly, and sometimes recklessly test and stretch limits on their journey through their final years of Middle School.

Please note that some pages of this website require a password for access.  Please contact the Middle School office for more information.