Accommodations: ACT Tests

Saint Ann’s advises its students to register for the ACT Plus Writing.

The current fee for the ACT Plus Writing is $68.00. all students applying for testing accommodations on the ACT must register for a test date first. During the online registration process, please indicate that you will be requesting accommodations.

What are the options for accommodations on the ACT?
The two most frequent ACT alternative testing environments for which Saint Ann’s students with learning differences apply are:

  1. Center Testing #2: Extended Time National Testing
  2. Special Testing

How do I choose?
See the testing comparison chart to review the requirements and features of Extended Time National Testing and Special Testing to decide which form of testing is most appropriate for you, and consult with Sarah Drake regarding which of these two tests options should be pursued on the student’s behalf.

Center Testing #2: Extended Time National Testing

(50% more time)

Special Testing

(Extended Time & Alternate Test Formats Available)

Who should apply? Students who:- can test at a regularly scheduled national test center, AND- can use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt.) test booklet, AND- require up to 50% (as recommended on formal evaluation). Students who:- normally use more than time-and-a-half for tests (or use extended time only on writing tests) in school, OR- require testing over multiple days, OR- normally use alternate test formats such as Braille, cassettes, DVDs, or a reader; OR- normally use a computer or scribe for essays, and/or alternate response modes, (such as responding orally) OR- are testing at an international test center and cannot use a regular type (10-point) booklet or test with standard time limits, or need accommodations the test center cannot provide.· If a student  can test with time-and-a-half and paper formats, he/she should apply for Center Testing #2
Description ACT: Student will be allowed up to 5 hours total to work on the multiple-choice tests at your own pace.ACT Plus Writing: 5 hours & 45 minutes to work on all five testsStudent will be assigned to an extended time room (usually 10 or fewer examinees).
Once student is approved Student must reprint his/her admission ticket upon which “Extended Time” will be thence be printed.


Administering Tests to Students with Accommodations
Students whose only accommodation is 50% extended time are considered “National Center-Based Testers.”  This means that these students will register to take SATs and ACTs at designated national test centers ( or

Students whose accommodation is 100% extended time, or 50% extended time along with additional accommodation(s), are considered “School-Based Testers,” and will test at Saint Ann’s.

When a student with accommodation(s) registers for an SAT or an ACT, s/he will need to provide his/her SSD# (Accommodations ID # for CB, or Student Reference Number for ACT). Students who are Center-Based Testers will be asked to designate their first and second choices of test site.  Students who are School-Based Testers will be instructed to see the “relevant school official.”  This person is Sarah Richards, Testing Coordinator.

Please notify Sarah Richards as soon as you have registered for an SAT or are planning to register for an ACT, so that she can begin to arrange for the necessary number of proctors and testing rooms.

What constitutes a “current” evaluation?
For the ACT, an evaluation must be current within a three-year period

How late can I submit an application?
ACT applications are submitted based on registration for specific test dates. Therefore, we recommend that students register and submit their first accommodations application for a test date a few months earlier than the date on which they actually plan to take the test. This way, in case an application has been denied the first time around, we have time to appeal the decision. However, technically, the deadline for submitting an accommodations application is three weeks before the date of a student’s first ACT.

Unlike the College Board’s accommodations procedure for the PSAT, a student need not formally apply for accommodations when taking the ACT equivalent of the PSAT, known as “Aspire,” administered at Saint Ann’s on an in-house basis in November of sophomore year. However, should s/he decide to take the actual ACT as a junior, then a formal application to ACT must be filed. 

Alternate Format Practice Tests 
To request alternate format practice tests please click here.

Registration and Administration
Once a student has been approved for school-based testing and has taken one ACT at Saint Ann’s, any subsequent ACT test registrations can be completed by Sarah R. The student will need to notify Sarah at least one week before the registration deadline, and give her a check made out to ACT for $62.50.  Sarah will submit the Request for ACT Special Testing form on the student’s behalf.  Paper registration for school-based testing can only be handled in this way.  There is no on-line registration for school-based testers.  The only way one can register for school-based testing is to have Sarah R. submit the first page of the ACT Special Testing form on the student’s behalf.

School-Based Testers taking the ACT are given a 3-week window (which starts on the designated ACT national test date: during which they can arrange their test with Sarah R.  It is especially important to consult with Sarah R. when a student plans to take the ACT, because of that flexibility with scheduling.  Sarah R. will work with the student to set up a test schedule that is reasonable and practical.  ACT scores become available 3-8 weeks after the test.