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Library Curriculum

4th grade
Middle school students become acquainted with the Annie Bosworth Library in 4th grade during their scheduled library class which meets once a week in small groups. During this time, students select books and are read to from a chapter book. No anecdotal reports are written, nor is any homework expected. In addition, history teachers often schedule classes in the library for research.

5th grade
Library class in 5th grade is an elective. In this class students meet once a week to select books and and listen to a chapter book read by a librarian. In addition, students learn about library organization, research strategies, and website evaluation (they also get to attend our annual 5th grade sleepover!). All 5th graders spend a week in the library with their Language Structures class learning how to use the library in order to do research for a paper on New York City. Students work in groups of three or four with a librarian or teacher and receive individualized attention and instruction. In addition, history teachers often assign short papers and students are expected to research in the library.

6th and 7th grade
History and science teachers often schedule classes in the library to research topics for small papers and projects.

8th grade
Students are expected to complete a lengthy paper with their humanities classes on a topic of their choice. Students are given extensive bibliographic instruction in the library. In addition, 8th grade science classes use the library to conduct research for a project about diseases.

9th grade
Bibliographic instruction continues with the 9th grade history research paper (or several shorter papers).

10th, 11th, 12th grade
Research projects conducted in the library vary depending on the electives the students have chosen.