Tuition & Financial Aid: Current Families

Financial Aid Process for Current Families

For current students, annual financial aid applications for the following academic year are received and reviewed by the school each fall.

  • COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL AID – Our school utilizes the School and Student Services (SSS) portal of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to help evaluate financial need. This requires each candidate for financial aid to complete an SSS application. You can find the form in the parent and family section of the SSS website: Saint Ann’s school code is 6312. The website begins accepting applications for the following academic year in October.
  • TAX DOCUMENTS MUST BE UPLOADED – The school has automatic access to the application once it is flagged as completed. All requested documents must be uploaded in order for an application to be considered complete. (Your current year W-2 +/or forms 1099 are due in January)
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE – Financial aid applications for current students are due in December.
  • FINAL DOCUMENTS – In January families will need to upload their most current (previous year) W-2 or 1099 forms.
  • QUALIFICATION TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AID – In order to be considered for aid, your child must be either a student who was admitted as an aid applicant or have attended Saint Ann’s for three years. Aid may also be available should a family’s financial circumstances change substantially during the first three years of their child’s attendance.
  • APPLICATIONS FOR FINANCIAL AID MUST BE SUBMITTED EVERY YEAR – Aid awards are valid for one year only. All families receiving financial aid are required to re-apply annually.
  • NOTIFICATION – The school will begin to notify current families of all grant awards in February.

General Notes Regarding our Financial Aid Process

Aid awards are conditional on receiving the completed application and all relevant documents. Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of financial need, and is distributed as equitably as possible based on an analysis of each family’s income, assets, and other relevant financial criteria. We will take all relevant data into account when evaluating your family’s financial aid request. Families receiving financial aid may be eligible to receive non-tuition aid to support a student’s participation in school activities that further their educational experience. Non-tuition aid is based on demonstrated need and availability of funding. Applications for tuition-based financial aid are evaluated on an annual basis but non-tuition financial aid requests are evaluated throughout the academic year. All applications for aid are treated in the strictest confidence. Any issues or questions that arise during the application process can be addressed by the Finance Office. Please feel free to send a confidential email to or contact Erika Cruz at 718-522-1660, ext. 216.